Animals and nature, their interdependency are a point of interest for children at a very young age. Children learn and build their own attitudes towards the world that encompasses them through their own personal experiences. Meeting horses as noble and intelligent animals and spending time with them, compiles a quality basis for developing social responsibility, communication, tolerance and respect while acquiring self-confidence. Spending time with horses, learning about their growing up, habits and life in a community in general has a very positive and soothing impact on children that creates mutual trust. Therefore, horses become their best friends despite their dominance in terms of the size in comparison to children.


Basic programme – MEET STUD FARM LIPIK

For children age 6 and up

Programme Duration: 45 minutes

Price: 10.00 kn per person

Enjoying a walk at the Stud Farm guided by our expert employee who will introduce you with and tell the story of Lipizzaner horses and a short story about the history of the stud farm and life of Lipizzaners. Horse Training and dressage take place at the stud farm.

Guided tours include visits to

  • Horse stables

  • Carriage collection

  • Dressage terrain

  • The souvenir shop


Basic programme MEET STUD FARM LIPIK + educational programme LIPIZZANER – MAN’S FRIEND

For children age 6 and up

Programme Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Price: 40.00 kn per person

Programme Schedule: as agreed with our Tourist Department


Would you like that your child gets to know horses, specifically Lipizzaners, in a different way? This can be done in our programme Lipizzaner – man’s friend in which even the admirers of Lipizzaner horses can find out more about them: the way they see, hear, feel, think and communicate.

We will teach children how to approach Lipizzaners, how to greet, touch and brush it and how to take care about their hooves and the like.

This is a new programme of the State Stud Farm Lipik where you and your child will have a unique experience through spending time together and in direct contact with your new friend.

The programme is conducted under the guidance of an expert guide.

The programme Lipizzaner-man’s friend includes:

  • Learning the basics about the Stud Farm and visit the stables
  • Learning how horses communicate with people and the environment around them
  • Getting to know about horses’ care and diet
  • Getting to know the riding equipment
  • Learning how to approach a horse in the right way
  • Making you first steps in a saddle with the help of your trainer
  • Visit to the souvenir shop


Basic program  MEET STUD FARM LIPIK + educational program LIPIZZANER – MAN’S FRIEND + educational and visual program WATCHING MARES AND THEIR FOALS ON PASTURES

For children age 6 and up

Program Duration: 3 hours

Price: 55,00 kn per person

Program Schedule: as agreed with our Tourist Department

The program includes going to the place with a view on pastures to which mares and their foals usually go at full gallop. The experience of the viewer is enriched with hearing the clomp of their hooves, the dust they leave behind them and the irreplaceable feeling of freedom in their manes which turn an ordinary moment into a scene of admiration and pleasure.

The program includes Package II along with other extra activities:

  • Observing the herd of horses grazing on pastures

  • Getting to know of herd behaviour rules


Information and reservations:

tel: + 385 / 34 / 421 – 880

fax: + 385 / 34 / 421 – 844



Contact person: Sanja Skender

Address: Državna ergela Lipik, Ulica ergele 1, 34551 Lipik

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