The Stud Farm Lipik was destroyed in a criminal act at the beginning of the Homeland War when its premises were destroyed and burnt down by grenades. A part of the original stud farm herd, the national, genetic and cultural asset of the Republic of Croatia, was slaughtered and the majority of the herd was seized. The destruction of the Stud Farm Lipik is one of the most brutal crimes ever committed on animals in the world, to this day.

During the night of October 13, 2007, the Stud Farm Lipik returned to its original stables in Lipik, the town after which it was named. It was only after the return that the name of the State Stud Farm Lipik regained its full meaning.

The returned Stud Farm Lipik was the base for establishing the Croatian Centre for Horse Breeding – The State Stud Farm Lipik as the national horse breeding institution. In compliance with Article 14 of the Act of Establishing (Official Gazette – 77/08), the Stud Farm Lipik gained the status of a national stud farm and one of the founding partners of the Croatian Centre for Horse Breeding.

Today, the State Stud Farm Lipik directs all its efforts towards renewing its original breeding stud herd, propel advances in the classic breeding of Lipizzaners in the Republic of Croatia, and prove the usage value of the Lipizzan breed. It is also our goal to rebuild the stables and premises to improve the living conditions of our horses.

We are at your disposal for all information regarding the State Stud Farm Lipik. If you decide to visit us, you will be our dear guests…

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