Horse Breeding and Selection

Breeding and selection at the State Stud Farm Lipik, in other words, work and care about breeding, is under constant surveillance of experts in horse breeding with a goal to propel advances in selection and to preserve the elite genetic potential of the Lipizzaner breed in the Republic of Croatia. A special attention is dedicated to the selection of each and every stud mare for future breeding with an accent on their appearances, movements, and the potential they have in breeding. Moreover, stallions as crucial factors in advances in selection are also put under close scrutiny of special selection criteria. Likewise, it is a common routine to use stallions from monitored selection from abroad, namely from other State Stud Farms breeding Lipizzaners, to foster genetic variability.


Thanks to the rich history of the Town of Lipik, the beauty of the Lipizzaners and the Lipik Spa geothermal natural resources, tourism is increasingly becoming a vital part of activities of the State Stud Farm Lipik. We are constantly working to enlarge the offer of our activities by organizing children’s workshops and other horse-related activities.

Our Own Production of Fodder

The State Stud Farm Lipik grows its own fodder on a 43-hectare agricultural land and ensures food for horses through pasture and production of hay.

Horse Training

Horses are trained to be used in tourism, tourist rides in town, rides for marriage ceremonies and the like but also in equestrian schools to educate young horse riders.

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