Welcome to the State Stud Farm Lipik! Meet the horses of the Lipizzan breed, their tragic destiny from the period of count Janković to their return from the exile after the Homeland War and visit four different stables: stables of stud stallions, mares with their foals, colts stables and sports stables with equestrian sports equipment. Take photographs, shop for some souvenirs in our souvenir shop or relax on oak benches next to the outdoor riding manege.


Ride in a horse carriage on the streets of the town of Lipik, either in the centre of the town or through the Lipik Park to arrive at the Count’s Well.


Try riding for all age groups under the guidance of an expert guide with an obligatory use of a protective vest and a riding helmet. If you have more riding experience, we also offer a guided one-hour riding tour.


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